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A homosexual who has no trust for straight people. I wouldn't have hated him, nor many else, but his statement "Do I like straight people? Yes. Because I love mythical creatures! BECAUSE STRAIGHT PEOPLE AREN'T REAL!" changed everything.
Chris Crocker is an extreme-o uber fag. He is the reason homosexual became gay -- which means happy, or weird; Also who homosexual became queer -- which means weird.
by jewel! November 16, 2007
A place where your social life starts AND ends. The place where you find your first crush, and your love. The place where you kick the hell out of the faggot for saying "BEAT IT BUCKO!" The place where you learn good morals and bad morals. The place that determines your job, and future life. The place where you learn useful and nonuseful things.
Kid 1: I like cookies.
Kid 2: I hate school.
Adult: I'm going to kick your whiney asses!!
by Jewel! January 28, 2008
Defamation: Dear RETARDS, PLEASE stop using über as oober or uber. DON'T think it means "cool," "awesome," or "epic;" IT DOESN'T.

Defenition: The word "über" (Not "UBER" or "OOBER") derives from GERMAN (NOT RUSSIAN FOR TARDS) *Literally* means "ABOVE" or "OVER." It is not American for "very," "cool," or "amazing." It is NOT Russian for "Super," although when combined with other german words it appears to mean super (I.E. Über alles {Above/over all} Übermensch {Superman})

Truth: People are jealous that they got called a retarded poser for not knowing what a word meant, so they told EVERYBODY what they thought it was, and now a whopping 50% of the population believes them.

American-German Trans-langual word: The word über came into American culture by a punk band called "California Über Alles," translating from german "California above all." It came from the common german (NOT Nazi) phrase "Deutschland Über Alles" meaning "Germany above all."
The "ü" in über (not uber) or "Ü" in it is as follows:

ü = Alt + 0252
Ü = Alt + 0220
by Jewel! February 18, 2008
A Human Made word that is used for the internet, just between friends, then is figured out by thousands. Personally, HMW is a rarely spoken word, but was made by some guy in his basement. He said: WOW! I MADE ANOTHER HMW!
Here are some HMW's (from me): SMB (suck my balls)
SIB:Suck it bitch
sgt fgt: Seargent Faggot. Two combined words that are p00nass.
bbl:be back later
pawn/pawning/pawned:Being played into, backstabbed, mentally raped, killed by 2 or more people.
bbialb:be back in a little bit
OTHERS (not by me)
lol:most populer, laugh out loud
rofl:rolling on floor laughing out loud
wtf:what the f*ck
brb:be right back
bbq:be back, queer... this one was recently released... some guy gut his cake of fame.
by Jewel! November 28, 2007
A good "corruption" of lol and skates (or skateboard /skateboarders / skateboarder) NOBODY reaaaly knows exactly what type of "skate" form is used here... I guess we'll never know. lolerskates.
Guy1: Hi!
Guy2: -.-
1: can we be friends?
2: sure, follow me to the uhh... combines....
1: sure
2: run up there and see the marshmallows!
1: OK!
2: *aims sniper at head*
1: Silly! there are no SNIPERS in my HL2 server... bitch! *Pulls out RPG and guy starts running, while Guy 1 pwns him*
1: ....lolerskates, bitch!
by Jewel! December 07, 2007

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