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A largely growing race of individuals who have an extreme dislike of anything and EVERYTHING having to do with the book or the movie "Twilight."
Mark, who is tired of all of the girls in his school and work making a big deal over a vampire that doesn't exist and groveling over the world's BIGGEST fad, is an Antitwilightist (a member of Antitwilightism).
by jewboy11505 March 22, 2009
A racist way of describing how an Asian person says the word "grape."
Stereotypical Asian: "You pass more glape jell-o, please?"

Joe: "Sure, but I think you mean 'grape'."

Stereotypical Asian: "Oh, kank you."

by jewboy11505 April 10, 2009
A very delicious mid-morning snack, referred to in "Drips" by Eminem
"But surely, PUSSY ON TOAST"
by jewboy11505 December 24, 2008
Another way of saying "my computer sucks ass" while playing online games. But when used, it makes the speaker seem smarter than the geeks that are playing.
n00b6969: haha, rofl, omg, lol. i just PWN3D you n00b!!

i'll_totally_kick_ur_ass: no u didnt, my computer is just laggistic.

n00b696: WTF?!?!?!
by jewboy11505 March 01, 2008
A wrinkle on a man's scrotum

Referred to as: A ball wrinkle
Example 1:

Carl: Dude, I was just jacking off and I realized...I have so many schwubs, man!

Example 2:

Bob: Dude, just let me copy your homework.

Carl: No man, screw you.

Bob: Dude, don't be a schwub.
by jewboy11505 February 18, 2009
The worst kind of sexually-transmitted disease you can possibly get.

It's a mixture of Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, and the Clap.

Pronounced: Gone-a-sif-a-herp-a-clap

It is also customary to clap once when somebody says this
Man 1: Dude, that girl is a total slut...she freaking gave me Gonnosyphiherpeclap.

Man 2: *Claps hands once*

Man 1: What the fuck was that for?
by jewboy11505 May 05, 2009

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