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1.a fucked up child who loves all black boys
including their "daddies"
thats right she is a sick horny bastard... but not really
she loves them... she just won't touch em'
she jumps into your life (greek style)
always talking about food and blow jobs
"OMG" is her signature word
with losers trying to copy her mad ass woggy accent that can't be copied for shitt so stop trying bitches
she flaunts her lovable unique sense of style and personality and this can be seen by the way she reads the bible
she has a talent for being late... as if she gives a fuck
everyone loves her especially me
thats write
i'd rape her ;)
she hates a good g string
and can only wear them on top of jeans
thats right...
i got footage
and she has a thing for suicial books...
there's one in each room of her house
she now has a 16 dolla fine for the library
"lol" is sed atleast 100 times a day
and her random quotes are now being sed by the whole fukin school

2. another word for titmuncher or itchy hairy sweaty ballsack

aphrodite: "she looks like a rape victim... wtf.... go cut yourself or die in a whole"... "slut"
omg is that girl munching a tit... oh it's just aphrodite
by jewbangerpoo April 28, 2009

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