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18 definitions by jew

When Chris Mursch ( The total flamer that goes to brookfield east and wants to rub Mrs.Wagners hairy mangina) takes a dump then removes his ass hair from the steamer and places it on your upper lip while you are sleeping.
Breu II was taking a nap and when he woke up he was excited to see he had a mursch mustache places nice and firmly on his upper lip.
by jew May 18, 2004
taken from the chinese proverb-" if your chicken will not fry its probably because you are a rice, piece of shit, ass-balunker"- its used as a tail end of most insults which have you noticed have all started with "gay-ass" or "-ass" of some sort? o and by the way it means you either suck at life or toss old-people's salad.
Wow, ryan riceloft is a peguin-shit eating, ass-balunker. //or

Hey look at that lose, i bet he's such an ass-balunker.notice that could use either definition :)
by jew March 20, 2005
lol your funny
no funney detected
by jew November 04, 2003
breeding ground for overweight teenage girls to live out their fantasies of being a band-aid since girls cant be musicians, even though just looking at them is enough to give you a black eye, an anuerism, and chrones disease.
the first cd im going to listen to as an adult in my uptown apartment is going to be Fox Trotsky.
by jew July 29, 2004
the coolest jew you will ever meet in your life........
.. and loves ska
Wow, i just got my tax refund from japple, i can survive, and he burned me the bosstones cd
by jew March 19, 2005
Low Post Count
blades7 is a LPC whore.
by Jew March 30, 2004
no funney detected
by jew November 04, 2003