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Mushy and mingin'
Ewww this cheese string is all minginy!
by Jet black April 18, 2004
Goth or other member of sub-culture often accused being a satanist by mainstream culture
by jet black March 26, 2003
people who listen to hard rock,metal, heavy progressive rock etc...
they wear baggy jeans and hoodies etc..
they also wear steel toecapped boots etc...
(death 2 townies, i hope all goths get raped and murdered!?!)
i am a mosher,i go 2 mosh pits,dance violently, dress in hoodies, baggy jeans, black steel`capped boots,wear a ghost mask when moshing. i also keep a condom handy in case a b*tch comes along, often they do(they are always moshers themselves), i listen 2 hard rock music-queen,slipknot,yes etc..
by jet black March 23, 2004
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