2 definitions by jesuswhore

cuddling with several people at once (usually just three friends)
one of the more orgasmic things in life
usually on floor or bed when tired
guy 1:hey lets watch anime porn
girl 2: no man im tired lets all have a cuddle orgy
guy 3:yay!
guy 1: sure im pretty tired anyway
*everyone cuddles happiness*
by jesuswhore March 03, 2007
1.Passionate kissing often as a joke between friends of the same sex.
2.More formal British term for making-out.

girl 1:"like omg did you see john and adam they were all over each other"
girl 2:"well yeah but it was a joke they were just snogging"


guy 1: "did you know the brits use the word snog for make out"
guy 2: "wtf that means "kissing as a joke"
by jesuswhore March 03, 2007

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