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The Academy of the Holy Cross is an all-girls school in Kensington, Maryland. It is full of the smartest girls in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, who are also very pretty and street-smart. However, unlike girls from Stone Ridge and Visitation, Holy Cross girls aren't ONLY about academics. They also value virtues such as courage and compassion. If you are on the metro and you spot a girl with a cute, light-blue skirt and fashionable navy polo (she probably also has a purple ribbon in her hair) then she probably goes to Holy Cross. The Academy is home to a family, not just a mass of students, who genuinely value each other's presence. Unlike some schools, girls who go to Holy Cross truly are followers of Christ and they have good, solid morals. But don't expect to find a bunch of uptight rich people when you visit. The Academy is known for its great scholarship program. About 50% of the student body is getting some sort of scholarship. And, to top it all off...Holy Cross girls are super, super good-looking and they know how to have a great time (especially at the Holy Cross MIXER!)
Person #1: Oh my gosh, who is that?
Person #2: She's soooooo pretty.
Person #1: I know right...I wonder who she is!
Girl: I'm a HOLY CROSS girl!!!!!! Did you know that according to the Vertical Angle postulate, all vertical angles are equal?
Person #1: Wow, you're smart too!
Person #2: Want to go out with me?
Girl: Sorry, but I'm dating this hot guy from Gonzaga.
by jesusistheonlyway September 29, 2010

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