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2 definitions by jesus037

The sothern Illinois version of saying "holy shit". Usually said by 40+ yr old men with shaved heads often named R...o..b..b..i..e with "-ie" in the end not "-y". Work at banks or something like that.
Girl, she be like " 200 men in Illinois dont earn $10,282 a year...OMG!"

R..o..b..b..i..e, he be like "JOLLY MOSES!!..!..!" (he be throwing some candy at that girl.)

Jesus, he be like "HELLOOO!"
by jesus037 November 13, 2009
A mexican that be like super white like glue that baseballs go thru his hands.
(Ball flying threw the air and going to omar)
Ivan, be like "CATCH IT!"
(The ball goes right thru omar's hand)
Juan, be like "Oh his "casper" power just turned on"
Jesus-es, be like "Helloo"
(laughing their ass-es off)
by jesus037 November 13, 2009