10 definitions by jesus w. bush

A biweekly collection of glossy advertisements that sells for $3.95.
Rolling Stone exists to market products.
by jesus w. bush December 14, 2004
Ridiculously addictive game about doing chores on a farm. One picks it up when one is bored and wishes to pass some time and pries one's bleary-eyed self away from the television at dawn the next morning. Unparalleled killer of time and motivation.
I played Harvest Moon 64 from 7 o'clock last night until 7 o'clock this morning. I'm tired.
by jesus w. bush January 01, 2005
abbrev. never fucking mind
1: idb!
2: idb?
by jesus w. bush January 03, 2005
Ice, 2 shots of vodka, and Mountain Dew.
A few dew-drivers is a delicious way to get shitfaced.
by jesus w. bush December 26, 2004
A black hole of talent.
Slipknot are teh suck.
by jesus w. bush November 24, 2004
See educate.

To teach.
I'm going to school to get edjookayted!
by jesus w. bush December 08, 2004
some guy who boned jenna jameson at a party
i wanna be marilyn manson
by jesus w. bush November 20, 2004

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