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A card game involving players who aren't told the rules and must learn them as they go. Rules vary with different players, but one constant is the Mao God, the player who controls the game and doles out rewards and punishments based on performance.
We played Mao for 8 hours straight and I still don't know all the rules.
by jesus stays crunchy December 14, 2004
"Fundamaniac" describes a really insane evangelical Christian in particular and any religious extremist in general. This term was coined by my dad (a preacher) to describe people like Oral Roberts and the Southern Baptist Convention.
Those people who bomb abortion clinics are real fundamaniacs.
by Jesus Stays Crunchy February 26, 2005
verb form -- to fuck up royally
noun form -- a royal fuckup
Derives from the nickname George Bush has for FEMA director Mike Brown. Also takes some derivation from "brown eye."
Verb -- Boy, Bush sure brownied the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina.
Noun -- Ever since we elected that Bush, this country's been one big brownie.
by Jesus Stays Crunchy September 09, 2005

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