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when a black man is suprised or scared, he will instantly go on the offensive and attack whatever spooked him
interviewer: you going trick or treating this year?
black man: no
*guy pops out of recycle bin*
recycle bin man: WAHHAHAHGAHFAGH!
*black man becomes spooked, black instincts take hold of him, proceeds to fuck up the recycle bin man*
by jesus h fuck you June 30, 2010
the act of having several friends, preferrably nine, in a circle and pissing on each others ass cracks
cloud: well tifa, did you enjoy the golden saucer?
barret: shut the fuck up bitch foo yo we motha fuckin promised not to speak o that shit dawg!
cloud: uhh... sorry?
tifa: i loved it!
barret: shut da fuck up bitch
by jesus h fuck you June 22, 2010
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