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lumps of fat on a man where tits would be found on a woman
did you see davidson he had bare man tits blood
by jesus h christ April 02, 2003
Drunk Drivers Against Mothers
by Jesus H Christ September 18, 2003
same as dingleberries- when pieces of rectal waste become attached to anal hairs
oh no vivien has got a bit odf an ass biscuit

by jesus h christ April 02, 2003
The biggest internet celebrity that you've never heard of
The northlondonhippy is my hero!
by jesus h christ January 16, 2005
the helm is the end of the cock when covered in knob cheese
"yeah i would suck his dick but it is a bit of a chelm"
by jesus h christ April 02, 2003
the act of licking a woman out
tom l wanted to drink from viviens fish pot
by jesus h christ April 02, 2003
A homosexual.
Tower saw NF- crawling out of Flesh dressed in a leather gimp suit last night, what a NeonGen.
by Jesus H Christ January 07, 2004
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