256 definitions by jesus

1. Closet homosexual who could get laid by almost any female were it not for his strong desire for male genitalia in his trachea.

2. Queer Nazi.

3. Complex sexual manuever involving a gay and homosexual man.
Stop being a Rasich!

That's so Rasich, you fag.

Mom...Dad...I think I'm a Rasich.
by Jesus April 16, 2005
To have hair on your nipples
there is hair around the nipple and you need to shave it
by Jesus November 02, 2004
Get your ass down here, you torpid bag of shit!
by Jesus January 17, 2003
Best Online free game in the world... can be quite addicting in fact you might find urself playing more than u eat or sleep such as a certain someone thats #1 on the high scores list
"hey Todd.. wanna play some football"

"no thanks.. i think i'm going to play runescape all day"
by Jesus March 26, 2005
a family who'f female members are very attractive, and whos male members do not like it when you bring this up
Daniel's mom is such a MILF
Daniel's sister is fucking hot
by Jesus July 04, 2004
It is a street in Fort Pierce FL. Its in the Ghetto, its off the chain chain.
Hey homie lets go and chill on Ave D all night.
by jesus November 16, 2003
Gollum Bites Off Frodo's Finger and Falls Into Mount Doom
And so GBOFFAFIMD and I larfed
by Jesus September 17, 2003
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