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An Ebru is a person who doesnt realise how beautiful they are. Ebru's are normally Turkish and very proud of it. Ebru's love there friends more than anything and Ebru's have loads of best mates. Ebrus best mates LOVE her more than Ebru could ever imagine and an Ebru is a girl that every boy wants and is lucky to have. If a boy breaks an Ebru's heart, they will regret it and try to come back to Ebru but Ebru will be strong by then. Ebrus are the most fun person you will ever meet. Ever party should have an Ebru. They make you smile and without Ebru's, the world would be a much more boring place. You will never meeet someone kinder and more thoughtful then an Ebru and if you know an Ebru, never let them go. You can learn alot from Ebrus like how to be a better person and how to have a good time. People stop and stare at ebrus and think. WOW. that girls a real Ebru. I wish i knew her.
You see a stunning girl at a party having a great time making everyone laugh and everyone thinks

WOW that girl must be an Ebru
by jessie_mitchell October 30, 2011

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