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2 definitions by jessie_louise1

a word, when mimed, reads 'I love you'
I said to Stephany 'elephant juice' to let her know i loved her
by jessie_louise1 August 06, 2010
Closest thing to a human dog.

They tend to walk in packs consisting of a few males and one bitch (usually for mating). If given eye contact they will take it as a challenge and defend themselves using a knife (also known as shank). Their diet consists of cheap food and cider/beer which they got from benefits.
Fur colour ranges from dark to light tracksuits with a flat peak, gold collar and gay ass trainers. Mode of transport is normally a shitty little car which they think is 'sick'. They communicate with one another through loud, annoying music and by using words such as 'safe, innit, narrrr mate! and wot ya saying blud?' most of the time this is hard to distinguish.

Highly aggressive-avoid at all cost.
search around dark, poor areas and street corners, you will find plenty of chavs for examples
by jessie_louise1 April 21, 2010