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a city in florida where there is a large concentration of hispanics, mostly cubans. there is also a large variety of cheap stores such as valsan or la revoltosa in which practically anything can be bought or sold at ridiculously low prices. the chonga is mostly found in the city of hialeah as is also found many cuban old men playing dominoes and drinking "un cortadito" (cuban coffee) in the park. this city is inhabited by many loud hispanics that are oten referred to as "escandalosos".
Hey i'm going to hialeah to buy some clothes because it is so damn cheap.
by jessie wessie August 03, 2007
something that is so fabulous that it needs its own made up word to describe its awesomeness.
That white cuban Javi is so stupid but Ralph on the other hand is so cuban its shokfabulous. :)
by jessie wessie January 04, 2006
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