47 definitions by jessie

bluffton (b-town)south carolina area code
im reppin the 836 fo sho! HOLLA!
by jessie February 04, 2004
while nawing at your genital area...your man takes his nose and pecks like he has juts found some satisfyingly sweet nector that he just cant get enough of
your paps is the hummingbird champ...go daddy;-)
by Jessie August 01, 2003
No drugs
No drinking
No casual sex...great lifestyle
sXe till i die..naturally
i'm better than you potheads, so deal with it.
by jessie December 31, 2003
a rapid and frequent masterbator who loves to drop it like its hot. also one who has siblings that are more liked than himself. he may usually like anything with a vagina and or anything near a vagina; very homophobic.
wow...he is being so perverted and austin right now.

tell him to cut back on the austin-ness it's making everyone uncomfortable.
by jessie February 27, 2005
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