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a scuzzy cum scuzzlin bitch who fuckes the whole neighbor hood and their friends!
look at that girl she a ocabonic
by Jessie June 23, 2004
the opposite team in beer pong
were gonna kick team fucker pocks ass!!!!!
by jessie March 22, 2005
Dave thinks i am a one, because i smell like vegetables, but i hold that HE is one because of his distinct odor.

Also known as stinkerpoo
Dave: Oh man! Whats that carrot and spinach smell? Must be a STINKYPOO!

Me: You're the stinkerpoo, stinker!
by Jessie April 27, 2004
bassist in best rock group AFI hottest bassist ever
beyond words
by jessie October 30, 2003
another personal blog website. usually sometimes decorated with pretty HTML..there are blogring and createblog which helps you with your layout...

and not everyone go like TaLk LiKe ThIs BeCaUsE tHiS iS FrIgGiN aNnOyiNg!! and only a small portion of people talk mad stupid... -_- although sometimes those people drive me insane...and those who beg for html..
person: OMG I LOVE YOUR XANGA! hitt me up wit sOme pr0pss becuZ i l0v3 yours! LOL LOL caN i PLEASE pLeAsSeEee HAVE yoUr MuSicC coDeE??

me: (0 eprops)
by jessie August 10, 2004
Also known as the pereneum, taint, and a personal favorite SBAAB, the grundle is the space between the ass and balls...also the place ladies that you definitely want to aim for.
"Watch out or I'll tickle your grundle."

"Oh anything but the grundle!"
by Jessie October 18, 2003
my lil bobuska hurts!
by Jessie June 11, 2003

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