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a boy with a large sex appeal, uses his charm and sexuality to win over a girl. often moody, and not open with feelings. usually fun to be around{sometimes}
- in love with a girl, jessie
- Do you see that boy over there using his sex appeal to get that girl?
-Yeah, hes a huge leasor
by jessie February 18, 2004
ADJECTIVE; A beautiful lil kindergarten girl named minzy... her big butt that she waddles when she walks:P, her big cute smile with dimples, and her loveable giggles...also known as Sumo, minzy, minz,mindy, harminder, moochie moo moo. A female 5 5, gorgeous, a sweetheart, caring, loving, addictive... always listens to you, makes u feel better, and makes u feel sooooooo special...only one in the world, and she was last found in Brampton, Ontario.. WARNING: SHES REALLY CUTE AND ADDICTIVE, BE WARNED, TALKING TO HER ONCE MAY MAKE U WANNA TALK TO HER FOREVER. ALSO SHE ROARS AND GROWLS SO DONT BE SCARED

i think im in trouble nowww :$ buh she doesnt know who i am, or does she? UH OHHHHH...
harminder, roarrrrr, grhhhhhh, sumo, muahhhh all myyyyyyy
by Jessie February 22, 2005
Pretend I Spelled That Right

For people who type too fast and/or too lazy to backspace.

Can also be altered to PUSTR, meaning Pretend You Spelled That Right.
Person 1 "man so much hmewrok"
Person 2 "....?!?"
Person 1 "Whoops, PISTR"
by Jessie October 03, 2004
bassist in best rock group AFI hottest bassist ever
beyond words
by jessie October 30, 2003
sexy,gangsta and much talent and u cant forget those big lucious sexy lips whoa and that body omg
by jessie August 24, 2003
A little old bobuska. see bobuska and old.
hmmmmm. idk
by Jessie June 19, 2003
When someone wants to bang another person with a passion. Wanting sex extremely bad you'll do anything!!!! Needing ass......
Everytime I'm with him I'm so horny. I'd fuck his brains out but I don't want him to think I'm a slut. If only he wasn't my ex-boyfriend friend I'd do it!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jessie February 28, 2005

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