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a small wealthy town in upstate new york consisiting of only 27,219 people. A majority of the people hold jobs as doctors or have created their own business, earning up to as much as $5 million a year. Lately, the urban trends have been hitting the youth, causing some confusion. In the high schools, white suburban kids are listening to rap, exclaiming how ghetto their brand new $40,000 SUV'S are, and popping their pink shirt collars. Last time i checked, ghetto wasnt associated with money, pink was a girls color, and the way the shirt collar came folded when bought was the way it was supposed to be worn. Self image is starting to become everything, girls going on extreme diets to become skinny, joining the cheerleader nazi squads, joining the football team to seem tough and gain popularity with the mindless cheerleaders( see retarded). People without the newest stuff are deemed worthless and stupid, and are openly criticized. relationships are for looks and money, no one knows of true love, only who has the best looking gf or bf. there is only one word for this kind of place, and that word would be hell.
ryan:hey j-unit, nice pink popped collar
jake: ya, i know! its so ghetto
Shalvoyage: hey did u see me playing basketball?
o.g. smith: ya dude, you are so good your black.
Kelly: omg, pittsford is so the ghetto.
emily:ya i know, wanna see my new car?
by jessica salzberry February 25, 2006

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