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307 definitions by jessica

A drummer from a highschool band. Name repeated by fat man on stage.
"Snoooody. Snoooooooody. snoody" "Get off the stage."
by Jessica September 08, 2004
Its another word for a male friend.
A guy greets a male friend "What's up jigga?"
by Jessica November 18, 2004
taking coricidin cough and cold or "tripple C" and tripping
we all went skittling last night
by Jessica January 09, 2004
sexy but at a greater magnitude
WOW look at that babe, he's so smexy
by Jessica January 31, 2005
Hitting one in the nuts very hard in retaliation
He smacked me in the forehead with his dick so I showed him what "huzzah" really means!
by Jessica November 06, 2004
when a guy cums all over a girl
He raincoated on me last night up the butt
by Jessica March 16, 2005
A fine boy with big eyes.
OhH!!! That nigga is a Drexel
by Jessica May 14, 2004