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10-12 year old girls who smoke cigarettes and usually have clothing that is thought to be appropriate for dirty run down strip joints. It is not unusual to see a pack of three to four scurrying around the mall at unusual hours, although seeing them with their obnoxiously older boyfriends is not a rare sighting either. Their boyfriends usually range in age from 18 to 22. it is also not unusual for a pack to come up to a group of upstanding citizens asking for a dollar when all they want to do is get something to eat and get the fuck out.
Dave: yo John, the girl just came up to me and wanted me to give her 75 cents. I think she's pretty cute.

John: Ew dude thats gross, shes 12 years old. Just another mall rat.

Dave: my bad John, I'm just really stoned

John: It's ok man, we've all had our moments.
by jessguy23 February 06, 2010

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