21 definitions by jess hanch & nikkii rodrigues

when you're on your sidekick and you need to "piss"
you then take sidekick into restroom and IM your friends while "taking care of business"
nikkii: ::on sidekick:: "damn i need to pee"
hanch: "you're on your sidekick you moron AIM-AND-PISS!!!!"
nikki: "oh yea thats brilliant!"
used in place of shut up when someone interrupts you in the middle of an important story because it sounds more authoritative

hanch: ::telling story of amazing amylee dream::
nikkii: "oh that reminds me..."
hanch: "HEY SHUT IT PAL!"
music listening to device

see also: mp3 CD player boombox
hanch: ::chucks iPod at head::
fried dough confection with sugar and cinnamon and stuff ONLY IN RHODE ISLAND (amylee next time u randomly go to RI meet me at evans field any day during summer at noon and we go get doughboy)
amylee, dude, lets go get a doughboy NOW cuz i want more calories.
Jesus Christ for those hardcore catholics/christians who have NO BALLS and will not seriously take the lords name in vain
"Jesus Christmas i dropped my fone in the pool"
retard, just with a "fuck" in it
kid jumps off 3 story roof and breaks face
"nice going you fucktard"
fuck this
if something is too difficult say “flip shit” and quit...
coach: "okay were going to do 6x400 butterfly for time"
everyone in pool: "FLIP-SHIT!" ::goes to bathroom/lockeroom::

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