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1. a song by evanescence (a modern-ish proto-goth pop band fronted by Amy Lee)

2. A satirical masterpiece, combining all the most undesirable aspects of most fanfics. Some of these include; constant horrific grammatical/spelling errors, rape of cannon of a popular movie (harry potter in this case), forgetting setting/character's names to a confusing degree, forced blending of personal interest, promotion of one poseur clique over another (goths), and Pre-teen virgin sexual fantasies. Fictional author tara gilesbe (often misspelled), invents cliched characters who seem to have the exact same personality, and similar appearence. she also awkwardly blends fictional characters with her real life friends reflecting their relationships.
My immortal is one of the best songs ever written. It reflects how my soul felt after my last breakup

Tara: Lolz!! prepz be wear!! my immortal fart two cums ut dis weak!!! goffs rule
by jerskater March 12, 2008
This site, dumbass

usually filled with pointless definitions relating to a very limited array of things, but occasionlly helpful
we are on the urban dictionary.com beotch!! get ready for pointless defining!!

if you want to make your definition more effective on the urband dictionary, try to avoid obsessive opinion spouting about people and races, this isnt the O'Reilly factor.
by jerskater March 12, 2008
1. Anyone who thinks that they are cool because they follow the most vague and popular fashions they perceive older kids as being into. May also try desperately to fit into a cliched clique, usually either punk, goth, emo, or "ghetto" but not always. often these are aged 12-14

2. Anyone who listens to certain bands because they want to fit into a clique, or because they think one member is omg sohott!!

3. young teenagers who constantly overuse common teenage cliches and/or stereotypes such as "omg this bands lyrics saved me from suicide", or "omg my facist parents cut my allowence by two dollars!!". usually they imagine problems they would never know the half of living in upper middle class america.

4. Any teen who actually enjoys overplayed pop music like the backstreet boys, britney spears, hanna montanna, and yes even you avril fans

5. Anyone who overuses outdated or overused slang or talks on the internet in so called "l33t" talk.
person A: OMGZZZZ roflnoodles!! deeed u her da new gc seedee!!??? it rox mi lifeee!! they saved me from sooey side u no,. analso they r hot!

Person B: Fuckin' teeny!
by jerskater March 12, 2008
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