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probably the worst place to live ever. its the most boring place in the united states.. theres absolutely nothing to do except go to belltower with goths.. the boys are so ugly.. and not mature.. the girls are stuck up and snobby.. and then theres me.. a jersey girl who hates everything about florida.. lets not call it fort myers.. why dont we refer to it as satan's asshole.. the worst place ever.. okayy well if ur thinkin of movin to florida.. dont come to satan's asshole - you'll want to hang urself from a palm tree.. canterbury is also the worst school on the planet.. and mr. shits should just die.. and our vice principal got botox.. wow co0l fag.!peace out mah niglet
satan's asshole sucks
satan's asshole has the worst school in the world, which is canterbury
satan's asshole sucks ass
by jerseysz finest August 12, 2005

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