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A school known notoriously across the Northern Valley for their teachers, principals, janitors, and even their milk lady. All students that have attended from Kindergarten until graduating in the 8th grade are known as Norwood Veterans and attain a sense of honor and high dignity. Memorable teachers and staff include: Mr. John Kline, Mr. Seth Links, Mrs. Kriegel, Mrs. Prielo, Dr. Andrew Rose, Mrs. Betty Johnson (AKA BJ), and many, many others. Memorable events include the Stokes Class Trip in 6th grade, Philadelphia Trip in 7th grade, and the infamous Washington D.C. Trip in 8th grade, where many secrets were revealed and friendships were either lost. One paragraph is not nearly long enough to describe NPS, but the memory will never die. In the years following 2004, much corruption has plagued Norwood Public School, but its legacy will always be remembered as something great.
Veteran students of Norwood Public School include GS CM SP PB DS, and many more.
#school #norwood #infamy #famous #great
by jerseyforever May 09, 2006
To insert the penis and hump between two breasts of a female until ejaculation.
As soon as I see those girl's huge tits, I just want to attack the rack.
#tity fuck #breat fuck #boob fuck #ejaculation #sex
by jerseyforever May 01, 2006
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