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Don't get me wrong, I love parodies but this was pretty crappy. It had little humor and was more for the 11 - 13 age group.
I love scary movie, mad tv, and other parodies but epic movie was boring as shit.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
The mafia has been around for thousands of years, way before these ghetto gangs
by Jersey kid February 14, 2008
a show on mtv that has 7 strangers or more correctly 7 sterotypes. I find it odd that they also manage to find one pretty girl, one bitch, one gay guy, one jock that all the girls are afrer, one crazy person, one black person, and one wingman to the jock. If it is done so randomly than why are the same sterotypical people on the show? and also they are going to run out of places. They've already done all the major cities in the states.
Season 77, the real world Ford County, Mississippi
Season, 78 the real world Compton, California

you see my point? show = fake and they will run out of locations eventually.
by jersey kid November 20, 2007
a metaphorical drink that haters sip on.
signs of abuse of haterade are;
1. Cock-blocking
2. Shit talking
3. Playa hating
Ay keep sippin' on your haterade, dumbass hater
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
Idiotic 9 - 14 yr old girls that
- Think Hannnah Montana is lyke oh my gawd, so awesome!
- Obsessed with bright colors and tacky glitter
- Think Zac Efron will marry them
- Hobbies include chewing gum and text messaging
- Know nothing about the real world
- Think their so cute when their just fucking annoying
Teeny Bopper: Oh my gawd I freakin' like hate yooh!

Me: dude your like 10, learn about the real world.
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
Where I'm from. We are actually closer to NYC than to some parts in South Jersey which is kind of funny. Central Jersey includes the counties of Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth, Hunterdon and Mercer. North Jersey is more industrious and South Jersey is more agricultural. Central Jersey has a lot of Suburbs and has Trenton the capital. People either like the NY giants or the Philly Eagles, a lot of people commute to Manhattan and we call sandwitches subs. Despite Popular belief Wa Wa isn't only in South Jersey we have plenty of them up here too. We are low-key people that know how to party. If you were going to visit Jersey I wouldn't reccomend Central Jersey cause theres not a lot to do besides go to the mall, party, and movies. South Jersey has a lot of Shores and North Jersey has the famous Bergen County.
I don't get why North and South Jersey Fight. No one even knows about Central Jersey so not a lot of people hate us.
by Jersey Kid January 20, 2008
Stereotypes: We all live by malls, factories are everywhere, we apparently have an accent that we've never heard of before, we all are Italian and gel our hair, we are just a giant suburb of NY and Philly, we all smoke alot and we must come from Newark or Atlantic City because those are the only two NJ cities you know.

The Truth: I can't speak for all of NJ but I do live within 45 minutes of 3 malls, but what's so bad about that? Factories are only in Northeast Jersey that is real close to NYC, and they manufacture half the shit you buy, we have to put them somewhere. No one ever says "Joisey", we say Jurzee and the accent you think we have is more like a crushing combonation of Staten Island and Boston. Jersey Accents are more subtle and most people talk like they're from Philly or NY. We aren't all Italian, infact only 17% of NJ is Itailian but yeah I am Italian but there's nothing wrong with that, and no we don't all gel our hair or wear Gucci sunglasses. We are like a giant suburb of NY/Philly but with attitude, our own cities and towns, and a beach. And No we aren't all from Newark or AC,there a lot of towns in Jersey that I've never heard of before and I lived here for all my life.
Out-Of-Stater: New Jersey sucks.
Jersey Kid: Have you ever even been here?
Out-Of-Stater: Yeah I drove by Newark on my way to NYC
Jersey Kid: That's not the real New Jersey, that's like going to Compton and saying that you've seen all of California, or going to inner city Detroit and saying you've seen all of Michigan.
by Jersey Kid May 24, 2008

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