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141 definitions by jersey kid

How people from New Jersey pronounce Jersey. It is not Joisy. I don't think New Yorkers pronounce it that way either. Everyone says jurzee so stop the Josiey bullshit cause you obviously never heard someone from Jersey talk.
Yo let's go down the Jurzee shore
by Jersey Kid November 01, 2007
77 15
The largest city in the South and is the capital of Georgia. Nicknamed, ATL, A-town, Hotlanta, and the A. Known for Coca-Cola, Cnn, a huge airport, and Crunk music.
Atlanta, the capital of the south
by Jersey Kid February 15, 2008
108 49
The Northeast of the United States:

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Conneticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Delaware.

- Accents vary, New York, Philadelphian, Boston, and New Jersian are among the most noticable accents up here.

- If your from Jersey or Pennsylvania you call it a shore not a beach.

- We know what snow looks like and freeze our asses off during the winter.

- We consider NYC the capital of everything.

- There are some ghetto cities like Camden, Baltimore, some beautiful cities like NYC, Boston, Philly, and lots of rich suburbs.

- Lots of divirsity, whites, blacks, latinos, asians, all live here.

- In Jersey lots of malls, and suprisingly good beaches with huge waves.

- People are pretty accepting, like I said we are diverse.

If I wanna go to a great city, I'll go to Boston. Than I wanna shop so I will hit up NYC. After that I will get water ice in philly, and go to Jersey to buy stuff at that mall, go catch some waves down the shore, and get mugged in Camden. Northeast has everything, Mad love for Jersey, Philly, NYC, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and rest of the U.S
by jersey kid November 18, 2007
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a person, usually female who looks cheap, trashy, dirty, and whore-like
Paris hilton is one skanky hoe
by jersey kid February 08, 2008
86 29
A Bay Area Rapper from Vallejo, California. He's a real good rapper and is one reason why the Yay Area contributes so much to hip-hop slang.
E-40 is the reason the bay is on top
by Jersey Kid January 20, 2008
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Don't get me wrong, I love parodies but this was pretty crappy. It had little humor and was more for the 11 - 13 age group.
I love scary movie, mad tv, and other parodies but epic movie was boring as shit.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
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Girls who have sex with Casting directors to get jobs and money. These video hoes are in Hip-hop videos shaking there ass. NOTE IMPORTANT!!!!! Not every girl in a video is a video hoe. Video hoes have sex with the director and other people. Video models are just dancers that want exposure through hip hop music.
Video Hoe: I just had sex wit tha direcor Ima make some money

Video Model: I work hard and I'm a dancer. I see hip hop as way to make it big time.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
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