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The worst movie ever.

- The first 30 minutes of the movie is small talk. You have to late a long time before something happens.

- There's random points in the story where it just flashes back to a previous day without any explanation

- They try to make it look like the whole thing is being shot from a video camera so the screen randomly swings back and forth making your neck sore.

- There are random explosions, screaming, and sounds that give you a headache, after 25 min of random explosions you get annoyed/and bored.

- No one ever explains what the monster is or why it's attacking Manhattan.

- The story has no plot, all you know is a monster is attacking the city, that's all you will ever know.

- The ending sucks, you don't know if they die, or why anything happened, it's like they cut it short cause they were low on budget or something
I'm trying to save you money, the movie sucks, CLOVERFIELD WORST MOVIE OF 2008.
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
Full of fake people that steal your photos, slutty girls that photoshop their pics, ghetto people that don't know how to type, and people with bad taste in music. I'm NOT saying 100% of the people on myspace are like that, I'm saying that a lot of them are.
Fake person on myspace: Do you think I'm hot?
Me: That's not your pic, that's Beyonce

Ghetto Person on myspace: aYo iMa bUst a cAp in YoOh!!!
Me: learn how to spell, idiot.

Slutty girl on myspace: Hey sexy, wanna bang?
Me: Your pic is photoshopped, and your bra is stuffed.
by jersey kid January 28, 2008
The funniest show ever.
Hater: Family guy is random, and pointless, it just makes fun of people and has random flash backs.

Me: Family guy is funny, I feel sorry for you because you have no sense of humor.
by jersey kid January 28, 2008
Something that is Cliché or overdone. Examples are livestrong bands, crank dat soulja boy, or outdated slang.
Cheesy Person: Hey Wazzup dawg!!??!? we in this shizzle

Me: That's so cheesy, ghetto people don't even talk like that
by Jersey Kid February 02, 2008
Misery. Seriously sound it out, Miss-or-ee. It relates to the state Missouri because it is in the middle of fucking no where. It has no beaches. People don't know if its in the fucking south or mid-west because they act hickish but they aren't south.
I'm pretty much in misery living in Missouri. PS. I'm not trying to offend a lot of ppl. I just don't like that state but that doesn't mean my opinon matters. Make up your own and go there.
by jersey kid November 19, 2007
Includes; Spanish, Portugese, and Italian. It is not the same as Latino. Latino means people of North, Central, and South America that speak Spanish. Italian is definiley latin because it was the offical language of the Roman empire and where Italian derived from. With big lips, black hair, beautiful tan skin, and bright brown eyes, Latins are among the hottest people.
Mario is Latin because he's Italian.
Esteban is Latin because he's from Spain.
Nuno is from Portugal is he also Latin.
Pablo is Mexican and Costa Rican, he is Latino because he is not from Europe, he speaks a different dilect of Spanish, and he is a mixed race.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
The only reason people like Barack Obama is because he is the oppostie of George Bush, a non-white democrat.
- He wants to negotiate with terrorists to make deals, it's not a good idea talking to people that wanna KIll you
- He is only half black and he went to Yale, not from the ghetto, so he can stop pretending he is the next Martin Luther King Jr.
- He has no expierence at all except being a state senator for 3 years, most of which he spent campainging
- He is against lowering gas prices
- He says he wants change, yet he doesn't say what it is
- Atteneded a racist church that preached that Jesus was black and that white people killed him
- Looks down on middleclass
- Claims to be 100% Christian, yet he has a muslim name and his whole family is muslim, not that it matters what religon he is but he his background is just shady
- Oh yea and alot of you people are just brainwashed by his campagin, Just because he says he wants change doesn't mean he is going to make a good president
Person: Barack Obama will like be nice to us because he is black and knows what it's like to be poor!
Me: Obama is a rich snob that went to yale and looks down on the middle class, so have fun if you want a president like that
by jersey kid May 18, 2008
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