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Just a clothing brand.
- No we aren't trying to be preps or someother label
- No it's not a wannabee abercrombie, If I wanted Abercrombie I would buy it
- Yes, I'm aware people hate AE, good for them, I don't like everything they wear but I don't bitch about it

Ever think that we wear it because its comfortable and like the way it looks?
Idiot: Your a fake prep, if you had money you would be abercrombie not American Eagle!

AE wearer: Why are you putting lables are people? and If I wanted Abercrombie I would buy it, and trust me I have enough money to wear Abercrombie, I just like AE better. Their just clothes.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
attention seeking whores.
Emo kid: Maybe if I dye my hair black, cut, write poetry, have sex with other emos and take a sick myspace pic of it, I will get the attention I crave.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
Why do you think New Jersey is full of trash? Is it because we have 8 million residents, we have beaches, and forests? Is it because Red Man, Queen latifah, Derek Jeter, Kevin Jonas and a lot of other famous people are from here. Is it because your scared to go to Camden, the nation's most dangerous city? Is it because you can't afford to live in our rich area's like Bergen County? Maybe it's because you've only seen the outskirts of North Jersey? Maybe it's because you've never been to LBI?
Hater: New Jersey is filled with trash.

Me: Well if your so secure with where your from than why do you feel the need to make up lies about other places that you've never been to?
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
A person who feels the need to rat others out in order to save their own skin. They are liars and tend to start conflicts between people and groups.
A snitch is the lowest form of life
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
plastic air-head, pointy nosed bitch
Paris Hilton is such a role model (sarcastic) I suggest all the young girls that look up to her watch a night in paris than see how they feel
by jersey kid February 08, 2008
How people try to imitate a southern person saying "New Orleans"
Come to Nawlinz durin' Mardi Gras
by Jersey Kid January 22, 2008
A borough of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island). People are obviously Exaggerating aspects of Staten Island. Yes there are rich kids, fake tans, and spikey hair but does every last person have that? NO. Yes people have an acccent, so do people from South Carolina, or Mexico, accents reflect where your from, so they're kind of good, otherwise we'd all talk the same monotone voice.
Staten Island is a borough of NYC

- people have accents, so do you
- some people are rich not everyone
- some boys spike their hair not everyone
by Jersey Kid January 09, 2008

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