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141 definitions by jersey kid

a great fucking place. Biggest city in America. One of the fashion capitals. Famous for great resturants. I was born in Manhattan but now I live in Jersey. Has five boroughs. Manhattan = What ppl call the city, cool as fuck. Brooklyn = Lots of swagger known for rappers. Bronx = Famous for Yankees and rappers. Queens = cool as hell, and the Mets. Staten Island = beaches.
I got love for jersey man but New York City is fuckin amazing. I LOVE NYFUCKINGCITY.
by jersey kid November 21, 2007
69 31
The most populated county and most southern county in the state of Florida. Miami-Dade is made up of the city of Miami, Miami's suburbs, and other cities/towns. Miami the city only has around 400,000 people which makes it the 43 largest city in the U.S but its metro area has around 5 million which makes it the 7th largest metro area in the country. Miami-Dade is usually just called Miami because there a lot of areas whith the word Miami in it, (North Miami, South Miami heights, North Miami Beach, West Miami, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Miami Beach etc.) Miami-Dade is around 65% Hispanic with a heavy Cuban influence. It is also home to many African Americans and has whites and asians. Miami-Dade is known for its touristy areas like South Beach but it has a lot of ghettos, Opa Locka, South-Miami Heights, Miami Gardens, Liberty City, Florida City, etc. University of Miami is located in Coral Gables despite popular belif that it is located in the city of Miami. Overall Miami-Dade is cool county with beautiful beaches, many spanish speakers, rich areas, and terrible ghettos. Miami-Dade is home to South Beach, University of Miami, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Trina, and many other rappers.
Miami-Dade County is the hottest county
by Jersey Kid June 11, 2008
49 12
To be dressed with lots of jewelry, usually platinum or diamond, can be a; grill, watch, necklace, ring, earring
DUDE! you look so iced out with your platinum grill, diamond encrusted rolex, and diamond stud earrings.
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
66 29
Nickname for Miami, yayo means drugs, this was started by Rick Ross
Miyayo is one hot city
by Jersey Kid March 08, 2008
56 20
Stands for East Palo Alto, a town in the Yay Area California
EPA, East Palo Alto northern california
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
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A very beautiful country, home to the great barrier reef, Kangaroos, Sydney, and a good football (soccer) team. I don't get why you hate us yanks, for the most part we admire Australia and it is portrayed as an exotic and thriving island/continent in our media.
Australia is very beautiful and unique, don't judge us yanks from what you hear on TV, we are actually for the most part nice and intelligent also.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
76 40
Nickname for Newark, NJ the biggest city in the state. Redman is from there, it is has a big airport, a downtown, and lots of crime.
Welcome to Brick City, bitchhhhhhhhh
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
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