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Stereotypes: We all live by malls, factories are everywhere, we apparently have an accent that we've never heard of before, we all are Italian and gel our hair, we are just a giant suburb of NY and Philly, we all smoke alot and we must come from Newark or Atlantic City because those are the only two NJ cities you know.

The Truth: I can't speak for all of NJ but I do live within 45 minutes of 3 malls, but what's so bad about that? Factories are only in Northeast Jersey that is real close to NYC, and they manufacture half the shit you buy, we have to put them somewhere. No one ever says "Joisey", we say Jurzee and the accent you think we have is more like a crushing combonation of Staten Island and Boston. Jersey Accents are more subtle and most people talk like they're from Philly or NY. We aren't all Italian, infact only 17% of NJ is Itailian but yeah I am Italian but there's nothing wrong with that, and no we don't all gel our hair or wear Gucci sunglasses. We are like a giant suburb of NY/Philly but with attitude, our own cities and towns, and a beach. And No we aren't all from Newark or AC,there a lot of towns in Jersey that I've never heard of before and I lived here for all my life.
Out-Of-Stater: New Jersey sucks.
Jersey Kid: Have you ever even been here?
Out-Of-Stater: Yeah I drove by Newark on my way to NYC
Jersey Kid: That's not the real New Jersey, that's like going to Compton and saying that you've seen all of California, or going to inner city Detroit and saying you've seen all of Michigan.
by Jersey Kid May 24, 2008
Oversized, dark sunglasses. You wear them when you want to get hyphy. This style started in the Yay Area California.
"dudes with the dreadlocks swingin their head
u aint got no stunna shades u should get u a pair yeaa" - Stunna Shades by The Federation ft. E-40
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
attention seeking whores.
Emo kid: Maybe if I dye my hair black, cut, write poetry, have sex with other emos and take a sick myspace pic of it, I will get the attention I crave.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
They're comfortable and I like the way they look. They are just a brand of shoe, if you don't like me wearing them and say I'm just following a trend than good for you, stfu, I probablly don't like everything your wearing.
Converse are comfortable and look cool. They are just a brand of shoe, if you don't like them ok stfu idrc.
by Jersey Kid January 25, 2008
- Switching from English to Spanish rapidly
- Using spanish words in an English conversation or vice-versa
1. Como se llama la chica con la mochila roja? Oh hey whats up? I have so much homework this sucks!

2. Hey Chica you looked muy caliente today

* Forgive the lack of accent marks and punctuation, my computer doesn't do accent marks and etc.

ps. Talking in Spanglish is fun, its the best of both languages
by Jersey Kid November 01, 2007
To be dressed with lots of jewelry, usually platinum or diamond, can be a; grill, watch, necklace, ring, earring
DUDE! you look so iced out with your platinum grill, diamond encrusted rolex, and diamond stud earrings.
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
a great fucking place. Biggest city in America. One of the fashion capitals. Famous for great resturants. I was born in Manhattan but now I live in Jersey. Has five boroughs. Manhattan = What ppl call the city, cool as fuck. Brooklyn = Lots of swagger known for rappers. Bronx = Famous for Yankees and rappers. Queens = cool as hell, and the Mets. Staten Island = beaches.
I got love for jersey man but New York City is fuckin amazing. I LOVE NYFUCKINGCITY.
by jersey kid November 21, 2007

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