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A great place to be, not matter what ignorant people say. Yes, various places in Jersey suck, but no need to worry. There are many beatiful places in NJ. Hunterdon, for one, is the county I live in. The only bad smell you will sniff is horse and cow shit, but the sunsets and colorful hot air balloons atop of the skyline make up for that.
I just got back from the Jersey Shore. In Belmar I saw some gross ass in a thong, but when I finally got to Spring Lake I saw some people that looked normal.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
see guido
A town in habited by guidos. usually down by the Jersey Shore, but occasionally in parts of New York City and other surrounding urabn areas. Frequent sitings of young, Italian men dressed in tracksuits with tight white tees, gold chains, and muscle cars.
Kerri: Wanna come down to my beach house this summer?
Me: Sure! Which beach is it at?
Kerri: Oh, down in Lavalette.
Me: Oh, it's in guidoville!
by jersey girl April 24, 2005
An ok mall. Many good stores such as Sephora. A major hangout for the kids of Central Jersey.
I love the Bridgewater Mall. I've been going there since I was 4 months old!
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
Cool show on the WB. Very deep. Everyone can relate to it.
Hey, did ya watch Everwood last night where Madison and Ephram made out? Damn, I would kill to be Madison.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
Just a 7 letter word for hell. Rips out hearts. Hurts more kids than adults. Causes more pain and hurt than imaginable. Also causes kids to flip out and get severely depressed.
I always knew my fucking parents would get divorced. I don't want to live w/ either of them. I hate them both so much. They suck ass.

Fuck getting divorced. I'm never getting married after all that my parents put me through w/ their divorce.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
A creep who rides his bike around Hunterdon County, NJ. Wears a neck brace and helmet.
My friend claimed that Old Man Weaver stopped his bike once and cursed her out.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
A place to make fun of. This place is a magnet for hicks. Also a place that causes you to become itchy just by thinking about it.
"Dear God, I just saw some WalMart lovin'! These 2 hicks were making out in the shitty clothes section!"

"Damnit, Jack. I broke out in hives. Let's leave this crappy WalMart place.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004

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