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2 definitions by jerryo

A verb or noun. The noun is applied to someone who takes a particular and passionate interest in a subject and researches and presents it for the edification of others. The verb is to gezi.
I have no idea what car to buy online: I wish someone would gezi it for me.

I haven't a clue about changing energy suppliers. I need a Gezi.
by jerryo December 12, 2006
To half-heartedly hunt for something (information usually)
you are vaguely interested in but you can't really be arsed
to find out the details for yourself and would rather the
information was handed to you on a plate.
He had a twally round the 'Net for details of anti-virus software before Googling “virus” and downloading the product at the top of the page.
by jerryo December 10, 2006