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When the word Douche just isn't enough to insult someone, one may attatch the suffix-word, wipe. This adds a more douche-esque and profound element to the insult itself. This may confuse the person you insult, but it would be a douchey thing to do to explain this whole thing to them afterwards
Guy: Shut up you fxckin' Douche-wipe!

Guy #2: what did you just call me?
by jerry the suicidal freak August 10, 2006
A fancy twist to the word douche

1. When someone has a douchey presence, but you dont want to say douchey for fear of being made fun of.

2. When someone is like George W. Bush

1. When someone does something in a douchey way.

2. When someone does something like George W. Bush
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
1. Dude, wearing that hat makes you look so douche-esque

2. Dude, going to war with Iraq made you look so douche-esque!

1. Dude, you make a sandwich so douche-esque

2. Dude, You write a speach so douche-esque
by jerry the suicidal freak August 10, 2006

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