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a norteno gang, established in woodland california, known through prisons and jails out through northern california.
"did you know that guy is a norteno?", "yeah he bangs varrio bosque norte."
#norte #gang #active #chicano #woodlands
by jerry black November 06, 2012
slang word referring to those of a non-white, but not necessarily black ethnic origin, primarily Middle-Eastern.

Contraction of the name Rumpleshitskin.

Based upon the popular fairytale character Rumplestiltskin.

Interchangable with, Raghead, Dune Coon, Grit Nigger, Nappy Head, Towel Head etc.

First used by Jerry Black, of Plymouth U.K. on 10.04.2008.

"My mate in the Marines had a fucking great time in Iraq slotting Rumples."
#shitskin #raghead #grit nigger #dune coon #camel jockey.
by Jerry Black April 14, 2008
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