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A type of women's shoe that communicates a very sexy, yet trashy overall appearance and body language. They generally add a certain sashay sway to the booty when walking.

Stilleto heels over 3" or clear platform shoes automatically qualify.
1. (Sarcastically) "Dude, where'd you pick up that lady?"
"Shit dawg, you see those hooker heels? Baby got bread!"

1. (Homegrrl walks in on crutches)
"DAAAAMMNNN beezee, what happen?"
"Took a header off my hooker heels last night and sprained my ankle foo!"
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
Another word for bitch, beyatch, biatch, beyotch or biyaatch. Popular with the kids.
"I know dat beezee didn't look at me wit her skank ass mascara"
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
An accidental dive, taken headfirst toward the pavement. Often caused by drunkenness, hooker heels, or a combination of the two.
1. "Dude, you busted up - what happen?"
"Took a header into the curb outside the bar last night."

2. "Ah, my shit is fucked, dawg"
"Damn boy, you took a mean header there. The ladies gunna be impressed with yo ass in da club 2nite!"
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
Completely and totally screwed, fucked up, wack or absurd.
"You see that sweet mami, dawg?"
"Dat mami's a dude, dude!"
"Dat shit is fucked B!"
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
A optimal state of mind and being - similar use to "in the zone", "cold-chillin" or "it's all good."
1. "Sup dawg?"
"Feelin' the flow, doin' the dance..."

2. Happy Gilmore cheers and uses a golf club to do bull dance
Gary Potter: to his caddy Doing the Bull Dance, feeling the flow. Working, working.
by Jerry Tischleder June 10, 2008
A band that exists only in name and concept. The greatest fake bands promote their name without plans to ever rehearse, record, or play live.
"You don't fuck with Cupcakes & Beer, man - we rawk hard."
"That's your fake band foo, you guys talk and rock a bar stool."

by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
An individual's capacity for remembering their dreams.
"You were mumbling in your sleep all night. What's up?"
"I dunno, my dreamembery is not so hot..."

"...and then the alien came out of my eyeball and gave me a bowl of chicken-soup!"
"Those are some pretty crazy details!"
"Yeah, I've got a pretty good dreamembery."
by Jerry Tischleder October 04, 2007

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