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The dirty maxwell is the situation every wingman has been placed in, some point in their life. Its goes down like so:

The night is winding down, not quite last call yet, and your buddy has been sealing the deal with a chick the whole night, you are left driving the two of them back to the hotel you and your buddy rented for the night, with nothing to show for it but your dick in your hand, soon this will come into play.

The wingman then acts like hes to drunk to stay up, doing some oscar winning performance of passing out like an inebriated bum on the bed, maybe even throwing in a snore or two.
Meanwhile the ladykiller is beasting pussy in the next bed, on a john holmes kind of status, little to his knowledge, that his homeboy has rolled over, in plain site of this scene with an eye open, and his hand slowly stroking his dick, to not cause any suspicion his homeboy. You cant hate on these guys, they are just getting theirs after a failed night of being shot down.
Dude, last night jerrod was pulling a dirty maxwell in the bed next to me. For a split second i almost felt gay for making eye contact with him
by jermdogg September 02, 2008
verb(v) This action originated from a mud skipper. It usually occurs when you are called out on something, that the person doing the blasting has no idea what he is talking about. You are then left standing there jaw dropped, completely, and utterly confused on what just happened to you.
Dude, did you hear about hamiton have to stand gate guard? He is getting earped big time
by jermdogg September 02, 2008
Youve seen em' in local clubs, bars, and hamburger stands worldwide. A whale shark is a close relative of the mud shark. Close but no cigar. She is the heftier, more robust white woman who prefers the meat of a nigg. The way that she differs from a mud shark is that weighing 300+ lbs is not stopping her from thinking she can wear hoochie clothes. Her head is usually pumped up by black men into thinking she is gods gift to this earth. Feel free to hunt these disgusting animals.
Hey you seen that whale shark? she looked like rosie o' donnel
by jermdogg September 02, 2008
Also known as the FO Smith Dorito.
A deep fried, fat soaked, triangular shaped finger food normally consumed in large quantaties by obese Army personell.
Did you see FO Smith snorting those smithadillas?
by jermdogg August 31, 2008
It is a fatal, family wrecking disease usually contracted by women of the white race, where the infected precious white meat gets the urge to fuck men of the ape black race. They are then considered by white men to be as distasteful than women with aids. They are damaged goods, and race traders.
Man 1: Hey jerm, whats wrong with susy?
Jerm: You didnt hear?
Man 1: no, is she o.k.
Jerm: fuck no, shes been tainted with taNIGGAmy, shes gonna die soon
by jermdogg September 02, 2008
A Dominican Standoff occurs in bathrooms worldwide. It is when a filthy dominican who normally smells like an armpit 24/7 goes to an unsuspecting shower stall, turns on the water, and comences the standoff. The ending result usually being the dominican backing off, preparing for the next weeks round two.
Yo i seen julio in the abano, just standing there looking at the shower, i think he was in the middle of a dominican standoff.
by jermdogg September 02, 2008

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