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A city in Texas an hour east of Dallas With a school that double's the towns population.
It's quiet and boring with few things to do outside the "WALMART" and watching cuties walk to class
I'm in commerce now trying to fix my car so I can get out. Good thing there are so many females walking around
by jerm Mckay June 11, 2005
A homosexual male that has recently come to a more populated area. They come directly from the farming community they liveds in there whole lives and usually go nutZ when first free in the "big city".
Dude, That guy is a farm fresh fairy, I don't care if he is fixing your lawn mower I wouldn't let him in the house.
by jerm Mckay June 11, 2005
I mad gun collecting maniac that owns several fire arms and just waits for someone to break into his apt. so he can open fire and turn some poor thief into swiss cheese.
I wouldn't jack that chuckleberry...

He's just been waiting it
by jerm Mckay June 11, 2005
A person (usually young and white) that wears bead jewelry looking similiar to candy. Also refered to as raver.
They have been known to glow till dawn
I saw 20 candy kids waiting in line to get tickets and they were swinging glow sticks and blowing vics in eachother's faces.
by jerm Mckay June 11, 2005

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