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rockland county is only about 35 minuets away from the city. north rockland is where i live. north rocland high is pretty big. it has a mix of all different kids from the gangsters of haverstraw to the preps in stoney point and all the kids in the middle from pomona to garniville. theres freaks and geeks and jocks and ghetto gangsters. sports are a big part of north rockland. i dont know about nyack and spring valley because we always seem to win. north rockland is pretty boring all there is to do is chill with your friends and if you dont have any tough shit. half the school is probably stoned every day but who cares. the girls are hot too and thats pretty much all that matters. NOR ROC. theres mad cool kids hate them or love them you gotta live with them.
rockland is a chill spot.
by jerkk November 21, 2005

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