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27 definitions by jerk

the cute little things they get stuck in the ground for a long time and never fall unless they are hurt by some wind or lightning
the tree is green.
by jerk October 04, 2003
most annoying thing a person could ever say
dude1:snoops dumb
dude2:Fa Shizzle
by jerk March 19, 2005
1. something happenin
2. something hitting the door roughly
1. Dang, yo! That was straight bangin.
2. Who is bangin at my door?!
by jerk October 06, 2003
the amount of time a person gets in front of the camera
She gets a lot of face time.
by jerk October 06, 2003
straight trippin'
oooh......he was baud
you should of seen that
by jerk October 05, 2003
to make one see other worlds
i drank last night. Did you see?
by jerk October 02, 2003
too much time on ones hands
he was simply limpin'
by jerk October 02, 2003