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A person (usually a woman) who seeks out members of the military, either for sexual purposes or with the intent to get into a paperwork marriage to receive military dependent benefits. Commonly found in towns/cities surrounding military bases/posts. These sorts are attracted to the uniform and the prestige surrounding said uniform as opposed to the person wearing it, resulting in frequent infidelity and high divorce rates within the military.
Soldier 1: Did you hear about what happened to Sarge?
Soldier 2: No, what happened?
Soldier 1: He caught that uniform chaser he got hitched to a few years back banging his brother.
Soldier 2: Poor Sarge...you'd think he'd have known better.
by jepleure November 16, 2009
A marriage that is for the sole purpose of one or both of the participants to gain benefits that would not be available outside of marriage to each other--quite often for immigration or health insurance purposes as opposed to marrying for love/lust. Very common in the military as unmarried soldiers are required to live in the barracks.
Soldier 1: Man, I hate living in the barracks.
Soldier 2: If you got a paperwork marriage you wouldn't have to live in the barracks. Just keep your shit separate from hers and you're gold.
by jepleure November 12, 2009
A Bluetooth hands-free headset. Mainly applies when the user is in a public place having a conversation on the phone loud enough for people ten feet away to hear and that said people ten feet away do not wish to hear.
Person 1: Is that dude talking to himself?
Person 2: Nah, he's got his d-bag tag in his ear.

Douchebag with a d-bag tag on: So I told him I wanted those accounts closed out by 3 p.m. and the bastard went out golfing instead...
Cashier: (thinking) Man I wish this bastard would get off his d-bag tag long enough to get the hell out of my line.
by jepleure August 30, 2010

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