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13 definitions by jeokar

A class of media propaganda where entertainment combined with journalism developed for 24-hour television news networks is designed to instill emotional responses from viewers instead of providing facts.
That wasn't news, it was misinfotainment.
by Jeokar April 09, 2011
A Pay-For University or College, run by charlatan investors which are usually non-accredited and issue worthless classes for worthless degrees not recognized by Accredited Universities and Colleges. A Republican Scam to get Federal Student Loan monies at the expense of poor people seeking a better life and employment
Phoenix University is a Republican School.
by Jeokar March 06, 2011
n. Mostly Corporate-Owned Republicans and Tea Party Movement Evangelical-Fundamentalist Fanatics proposing laws which decrease American Freedoms.
The Representative from Wisconsin is another Washington Weasel.
by Jeokar May 14, 2011
n. Political or Corporate Media Ads that lead people astray; misinformative, misdirective, misuse of language. Used by radio mud slingers, bad politicians, pharmeceautical companies, lawyers, used car salesmen, et al.
All political ads are misinfomercials.
by Jeokar March 22, 2011
The use of media to promote Corporations.
That tv ad is just more corporaganda.
by Jeokar March 05, 2011
The use of media to promote Corporate issues and intentions.
That tv ad is just more corporaganda
by Jeokar March 17, 2011
Acronym: (n) Get-Away-With-All-That-I-CAN: Those who take advantage of everyone.
I don't care if you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you are a GAWATICAN.
by Jeokar January 10, 2010