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MOST preps shop at Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, Victorias Secret, Forever 21, etc. They dress the same most of them bitchy but very little are nice. They always suck up to there teachers and I dont know why but the teachers like them.
They only care about themselves and there friends. They follow the media and whatever they say.
At school you see about 50 girls wearing the same shirt. They dont like to be different I guess seeing that they're all into the same sh**. Preps can think whatever they want but we arent jealous. We laugh at you
ex. 1Grl 1: Ew why are you wearing that? ITS SO LAST YEAR!
Grl 2: Because I'd like to be different and I have my own style. What about you? Whats your style? I look at you and i see the same thing that i saw the other 50 girls.
Grl 1: JEALOUS! Your a freak! We have good taste. Thats why a lot of people wear Abercrombie and Hollister because they're good at designing clothes!
Grl 2: I guess you can't seem to see past all that BS the media is feeding you. I am way smarter than you anyways I dont waste 120 bucks on some ripped jeans. Go ahead and waste your money because it isnt mine.
Grl 1: Freak! you didnt even listen to me.
Grl 2: Calm down. I did. You are the one that didnt listen.Dumb preps
by jenxoxo August 29, 2007
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