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While in a moving vehicle, puking into a container and then tossing the container out the window, thus making a stop to puke on the side of the road unnecessary. It is especially used when the container strikes a mailbox or a pedestrian on the side of the road in passing.

This is also known as a "drive-by vom bom" because it is done in a moving vehicle.
Jo: "We need to stop the van now! I'm going to throw up!"
Bart: "We are going to be late. Just puke in the grocery bag and we'll toss it out the window."
Jo: "Okay, I'll throw the vom bom out the window the next time we pass a pedestrian."
by jenred316 February 24, 2011
When a friend places an insane amount of comments, posts, likes, tags on your Facebook profile so that you have a ton of Notifications to look through upon your next log-in.
Todd: "I just hit the Like button on every post on Jennifer's wall."

Jennifer: "How do I have 68 FB Notifications!?"

Todd: "You've been FBombed!"
by jenred316 November 17, 2010

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