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A cool abbreviation for the name "Sarah." Cool people tend to add "z" on the ending of a word to add more character in a name.
cool person 1: hey Sarz!!
confused person 2: why do you talk like that? O.o
Sarah: (to cool person 1) Oh hey! (to confused person 2)Oh please, you are being lame!
by Jennz August 16, 2012
throw up your gang sign or tell what "hood" your from
"What you bang?" "P-Funk, baby!"
by jennz March 17, 2007
An abbreviation for Kathryn. Katie is too common of a name, so Kath makes the nickname! A Kath is often times stubborn but very easy to befriend!
friend: ughh! Kathryn you are so stubborn! I am nicknaming you Kath!!!!
by Jennz August 16, 2012
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