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a Slobfro is an afro sported by white males, usually overweight. The person who has the afro can also be called slobfro, as either a derogatory term or a term of endearment.

In general slobfros work menial jobs such as bar-tending, as that allows them to sleep in, or perhaps at coffee shops or grocery stores if the slobfro in question is desperate enough. Slobfros are usually in crappy bands or play dungeons and dragons with friends, perhaps both.

It is not uncommon to see a slobfro in a crappy local opening band in a small scale show, or perhaps working the muscle for touring small time bands, but secretly aspire to become a band member himself.

A slobfro is seldom seen before noon, as he may have a night job or doesn't really get out of bed until then. If you come near a slobfro on Sundays, be prepared to hold your nose, as he rarely showers on weekends, and he may still be soaked in the beer from Friday night's party.

In general a slobfro is a nice person, easy going and quite jovial. He is not a frat guy, and can be quite knowledgable about certain subjects such as psychology, philosophy, entomology, or culinary expertise.
Slobfro is up before 3pm, whaaa?
by jennywyatt August 31, 2010

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