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When haulin ass in that busted ass vehicle you be drivin around weather it be stolen or your womans, cut the wheel to either direction followed by a rip up on the e-brake thus initiating the first stage of the Nigga Swoop. After the first initial change in momentum cut the wheel to the oposite direction then that of the first stage of the Nigga Swoop. Continue to accelerate, while doing so start to straighten the wheel out and continue on runnin from the po-lice. (works best around corners or into a snow bank)
Mikey B - "Yo Jenny Boom, you see that nigga swoopin around that motha fuckin corner?"

Jenny Boom - "Chea nuka that was some dope upward spiral pig tailin"

J-Rizzi - "Nah Jenny boom, that shit's called Nigga Swoopin."
by jennydon'tbitchoutontheblunt January 20, 2009

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