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Also known as sweaty ball syndrome.
He is suffering from pachunga.
by Jenny December 03, 2003
More childish and obnoxious than Nickelodeon.
Nickelodeon for less mature children.
by jenny October 04, 2004
leather boots made by the company New Rock, based in Spain. Are not cheap (ranging from £90-£150+) but are the best shoes to wear if you don't want your feet to be massacred. Worn by what "kevs" would call greebos/moshers/goths. I own a pair, and i love them. Typically have large platform sections or high heels which make you much taller. Majority are black with silver buckles etc.
"Dude, you're so tall with those new rocks on."
by jenny June 13, 2004
apparition, phantom, goblin, monster, ghost
The bakemono appeared out of a hazy mist.
by Jenny September 02, 2003
Possibly the sweeetest guy i have ever met
i met him and he just kept talking ( i bumped into him ) we talked for and 1hr!!!!
he is so sweet, smart, hot and gently spoken
!!! and a bloddy goood bassist to!!!
will ou marry me my precious Nik??!??!
by Jenny July 24, 2004
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