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134 definitions by jennifer

A person who dislikes activity; one who loves to sleep.
Stop being a L.B, get out of bed, and go to work!
by Jennifer August 10, 2003
17 11
When old white guys have little hair and they let one side grow out longer than the other side and comb it over on top of their head.
My uncle dont have any hair so he has a comb over.
by Jennifer December 24, 2003
17 12
gigantic tits
Suck my biggies cuz that's all your good for cunt!
by Jennifer January 09, 2003
13 8
a sharing portion/group.

n. share
Let's create a sharitity of this cigarettes since we only have one
by Jennifer March 01, 2005
6 2
Izzit means "Is It", except you say it all together. It's like saying "for reals?"
someone says, "There is a giant snake outside!"
You say, "izzit?"
by jennifer July 06, 2004
7 3
when you take a strip of paper dip it in heroin and put it on your tongue, let it dissolve, then you lean your head back and let it drip down your throat
me and colleen got so high off those heroin strips
by Jennifer June 11, 2005
29 26
well...when two sharks REALLY love each other...

*actually this is a form of f-in sucked, but the person who originally sent it in an email forgot and put the - in the wrong place, therefore creating a new word: fin-sucked*
so...been fin-sucked lately?
by Jennifer July 21, 2004
6 3